About us



New Wave Media is a multimedia entertainment company, which will supply all different forms of media entertaining ( audio/video,online entertainment news) to a diverse, international consumer group.

NWM is composed of several internal divisions: Film/TV Production, Online News, online entertainment magazine Publishing, Show/Event Production, Client Management , Artist Training etc. NWM themes also covered diverse fields such as What’s Hot, international entertainment celebrities and events such as International Fashion SuperModel & Film festival, and cultural exchanges

The object of New Wave Media is to become a major content provider/event s production to the major
multi- lingual audience and other content organizer and TV/Movies services distributors.

The key elements of strategy include:

· Continuing to build relationships with major talents, both domestically as well as in other

· Forming joint partnership with a major China film & TV show production companies for
the purpose of acquisition/co- financing a film(s) and their sole content provider in N.

· Increasing development slate of future show projects with show venue

-Forming strategic alliance with academic Institute to provide learning experience for up & Comer in acting, filming and fashion modeling in the entertainment industry

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