2020 IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel IFSM Fashion New Star Anything Is Possible Nothing Is Impossible

International Fashion Supermodel Contest (IFSM) offers a cross over platform US and Asia for the textile & fashion industry to improve comprehension and to promote the communication and cooperation with the fashion world, created and organized by International Fashion SuperModel Committee , Coordinate by IFSM Fashion Production together with Macau Culture Exchange Associate, JZ Studio, Sunrising (beijing) Int’l Culture Media, Jin Ye Studio, supported by New Wave Media, HIFEX, , AMA, The World Networks ,WCETV, 8sian Media, IFSM Fashion TV, Golden Dragon Parade, Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Maeknit, Parris Harris, Courtney Allegra and DHPR, .A magnificent annual cultural event in promotion of US-Asia culture exchange was in session in full force in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Boston, New York,Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and China simultaneously. Judge panel included Miss Universe Supermodel Jin Ye , Actor /Producer Hoyte Richards and Miss Universe Joyce Li. accepting submission now…


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