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IFSM Fashion Runway New318back

A amazing int’l fashion event in the heart of Hollywood, Ca. which allows fashion designers, new brands, industry professionals or “up & comer ” to display their latest collections in Fashion runway showcase . Which is one of the most comprehensive and the most influential cultural fashion event of the season. Seeking Designer(s) Candidates – Are you the hottest fashion talent? Seeking to take your business to the next level? The IFSM Fashion Designers Showcase can help you ! Not only we will provide a platform to help you showcase your garments to the world, also your design will show by our IFSM supermodels around the world,.

This year we offer them a brand new opportunity at our hottest fashion event showcasing garments from the freshest and most talented up and coming fashion designers. This opportunity allows new brands to gain exposure within their niche and also gain massive international media exposure, future job offers, manufacture production offers , scholarship and tremendous opportunity for growth .

Selected Designer(s) will take part in an exclusive IFSM Fashion runway showcase alongside some of the most iconic fashion during spring or winter fashion week . The IFSM Designer showcase are an exciting opportunity for designers to network, develop collaborations with other international designers, celebrities, industry contacts, high profile guest judges, media, photographer and gain professional experience.
This “Fashion Designer Showcase” emerging talent that pushes the envelope on conception and functionality. Designer(s) will be chosen by the Viewing Board and receive brand development /management offer opportunity and tremendous opportunity for growth into the international market. More info:

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