Amazing Opportunities To Get Your Short Film Noticed In The China Film Market


If you want a share of this amazing film market, US Hollywood International Film Festival will provide filmmakers a gateway. China has the largest number of online-video viewers: around 450 million, which is nearly 80% of the internet-connected population. Their numbers will rise to around 700 million by 2016. and revenue up to 25.8 billion. More about the Chinese online video industry, annual growth, market size , revenues and lot more Statistics and Trends

If you’re seeking opportunities to get your short film in the film festival and get noticed in US film industry and especially the China Film Market,Submitting your shorts (all genres narrative shorts) to US Hollywood International Film Festival’s Golden Film Awards Ceremony and Fashion Short Films Tour are an effective and proven path to put your short films in the eye of filmmakers, directors, producers and other key visual media industry personnel and may be can get nominated for Golden Film Awards

We are currently inviting submissions for our upcoming Hollywood Int’l Film Festival Golden Film Awards Ceremony & USHIFF Fashion Short Films Tour. Each short film will feature a collection in its category and genres, as well as a collection of “top best 10 shorts” selections featuring short film in each genres . Filmmaker invited to participate are qualified to listed their short film/promo trailer on our affiliated online short films platform and the top best 10 shorts will also listed on the top most popular video sites and in China .

If we choose to extend an invitation/nomination your shorts film to our USHIFF golden film awards ceremony and screening tour coming this December in Hollywood , Ca.

There is no fee to submit your film for consideration, Submit here US Hollywood Int’l Film Festival

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