How tech teams can reduce LGBT+ university dropout

The number of students in the LGBT community who consider dropping out of university is higher than the average, but IT teams can make some small changes which will make a big difference to this figure …read more    

Mashraq uses beacon technology to make financial life easier

In its latest fintech launch, the UAE’s Mashraq bank is deploying beacon technology to ensure its customers get the loyalty rewards they are entitled to …read more    

Nordic airline averts business disaster with application performance monitoring

Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud …read more    

Australian organisations forced to take cyber insurance seriously

The take-up of cyber security insurance in Australia remains low, but it could increase if data breach notification regulations come into force …read more    

Apple garners local support for Irish datacentre as legal challenge looms

Residents of Athenry, County Galway, unite to back Apple’s Irish datacentre plans as consumer electronics giant awaits High Court decision on legal challenge …read more    

More than 100 MPs ask Obama to halt extradition bid against Lauri Love

UK MPs across all parties call for US President to save activist from extradition to the US on hacking charges on humanitarian grounds …read more    

Flytoget’s digital transformation accelerates express train service

Flytoget implements a development platform to enable it to respond quickly to the demands of digital-minded customers …read more    

Almost half of UK's largest councils lack cloud strategy, Eduserv FOI study reveals

Eduserv study into cloud take-up inside local authorities suggests council CIOs are still over-invested in on-premise technology …read more    

Benelux CIO interview: Paul Elich, CIO at KLM

Paul Elich, CIO at Dutch airline KLM, tells Computer Weekly about building innovation into IT departments and the ongoing de-duplication of internal systems since its merger with Air France …read more    

Facebook data case raises US national security issues

Dublin court case on the legality of Facebook’s data transfers to the US raises issues that affect US national security, claims US Department of Justice …read more    
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